Walking in Miri (Malaysia)

Adventure #146:
Miri is a city in northern Sarawak, Malaysia, on the island of Borneo.
Duration: 1 hr. 09 min. 47 sec.

Video by: keezi walks

More info:
Miri is the second largest city in Sarawak (with a population of about 300,000), located on its northern coast near the border of Brunei. Miri as known by its nickname “Oil Town”, is the birthplace of the Malaysian petroleum industry as the city was founded in 1910 when the first oil well was drilled by Royal Dutch Shell and since then, petroleum has continued to drive the city’s economy and development ever since.
Miri is the main tourist gateway to various national park, which makes it one of the favourite ecotourism destinations and can be called as the “Resort City”.
Miri boasts a diversified population, which consists of Chinese, Malay, Iban, Bidayuh, Melanau, Kelabit, Lun Bawang and many other ethnic groups. International students from a foreign university campus based here and expatriates from international corporations add much spice to Miri as well.


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