Tokyo Bus Ride

In short:
Take a Toei Bus “Gotanda 96”.
Route: Gotanda Station -> Roppongi Hills Circulation
Duration: 40 min. 29 sec.

Video by: Iwao Otsuka

More info:
This bus is the Tokyo Metropolitan Bus, called Toei Bus. This bus route (Wave 01 Comings and Goings route) starts Gotanda Station (JR East Yamaonte Line), Shinagawa Station (JR East Tokaido and Yamanote Line, JR Central Tokaido Shinkansen) , goes west-north, passes Sengakuji temple, Azabu Juuban, and arrives at Roppongi Hills, and returns to Shinagawa Station, and finally arrives at Gotanda Station Terminal.


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