Susten Pass Ride (Switzerland)

In short:
Spectacular auto-trip.
Route: Wassen -> Innertkirchen
Duration: 40 min. 42 sec.

Video by: manfredi3692

More info:
Susten Pass (el. 2260 m.) is a mountain pass in the Swiss Alps. The pass road, built from 1938–1945, connects Innertkirchen in the canton of Bern with Wassen in the canton of Uri. A 300 metres long tunnel crosses the pass at 2,224 metres.
The pass is popular with tourists, especially for the views of the Stein Glacier on the south side.
Wassen is a municipality in the canton of Uri in Switzerland.
Innertkirchen is a village and municipality in the canton of Bern in Switzerland.


Susten Pass (Wikipedia)
Wassen (Wikipedia)
Innertkirchen (Wikipedia)
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