Sky Scream Roller Coaster

In short:
Visit Holiday Park (Haßloch, Germany) and get ready to scr-r-r-REEAAM!!!
Duration: 3 min. 12 sec.

Video by: Theme Park Review

More info:
Holiday Park is an amusement park in Haßloch, Germany. It is one of Germany’s most popular theme parks (receiving about a million visitors per year) and is part park and part woodland. Its Free Fall Tower was the first amusement ride of its kind in Europe. The Park also offers several roller coasters (including Expedition GeForce, Holly’s Wilde Autofahrt and Sky Scream), water rides, and live shows.
Haßloch is a municipality in the Bad Dürkheim district in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. The municipality has grown out of a single centre and is thus sometimes styled “Germany’s biggest village”. The village has at its disposal well developed infrastructure with educational and shopping facilities; the region’s surrounding centres can in the main be reached within 20 minutes.


Holiday Park, Germany (Wikipedia)
Roller coaster

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