Recumbent Trike Ride

In short:
Two recumbent trikes tour the village of Strathalbyn, South Australia and ride along the Angas River trail.
Strathalbyn was founded in 1839 by Scottish immigrants and many stone heritage buildings remain, set around the picturesque central park.
Duration: 42 min. 25 sec.

Video by: SA Triker

More info:
Recumbent trikes‘ advantages (over conventional trikes) include stability (through low centre of gravity), low aerodynamic drag, and ease of parking. Disadvantages (compared to bicycles) include greater cost, weight, and width. The very low seat may make entry difficult, and on the road they may be less visible to other traffic.
A difficulty with a recumbent trike is its poor climbing ability because the rider cannot get out of the saddle and stand up on the pedals. Arguably, the time lost going up hills may be recoverable using greater downhill speed available through the aerodynamic riding position and lower frontal area.


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