Pyongyang Trolleybus Ride

Adventure #149:
Never been in North Korea? We give you a chance.
This trolleybus was the first one, built in 1964 and ridden by the great leader together with the public. The driver of that trolleybus has driven it for 40 years, and everyone respects him. Each star on the side represents 50,000 km accident free, and on both sides there is a total of 136 stars (that works out to 6.8 million km).
Duration: 23 min. 12 sec.

Video by: Tom Flieger

More info:
Pyongyang is the capital city of North Korea, as well as its “showcase city” where people have a markedly higher standard of living than elsewhere in the country. Many of the nation’s tourist attractions can be found here and will likely form part of most travel itineraries to North Korea.
Tourists to North Korea will need to be accompanied by an accredited guide or guides, who will arrange where you can visit and how you will get there. However, personal visitors of foreign residents in Pyongyang are free to go around by themselves, unless explicitly told not to by Korean authorities. This can happen, but is not always the case. Foreign residents cannot use buses.
The Pyongyang trolleybus system forms part of the public transport network of Pyongyang, the capital city of North Korea, and extends to some of its suburbs. In operation since 30 April 1962, the system was about 57 km (35 mi) long in 2009 and comprised 10 routes.


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