Mountain bike ride

In short:
Ride your bycicle through wilderness while sitting at home, you, mighty armchair taveller.
Route: Williamson Valley -> Granite Mountain (near Prescott, AZ)
Duration: 54 min. 13 sec.

Video by: Whittaker’s Absolute Waste of Time Productions

More info:
Granite Mountain is a 7,626-foot (2,324 m) mountain located in Yavapai County, Arizona. Its southwest face has a sheer granite cliff approximately 500 feet (150 m) high that is one of the best locations for rock climbing in the state of Arizona.
The biotic communities at Granite Mountain range from montane conifer forest and juniper pinyon woodland, to interior chaparral. Granite Mountain is a nesting site for the peregrine falcon, and the climbing area on the south face is periodically closed to rock climbing, typically from February 1 until July 15 each year.


Williamson, Arizona (Wikipedia)
Granite Mountain (Arizona) (Wikipedia)

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