Motorcycle Ride in Canadian Rockies (2 parts)

Adventure #124:
Motorcycle ride on the world famous Icefields Parkway.
Duration: 1 hr. 02 min. 42 sec.

Part 1:
Starting at Lake Louise, Alberta

Video by: vridetv

More info:
The Icefields Parkway is the primary north-south route through the Alberta Rockies in Canada, and one of the most spectacular scenic drives in the world. The 232 kilometres (144 mi) road runs through the heart of the Jasper and Banff National Parks from Jasper to Lake Louise and it’s a marvellous way to see the mountains – and a “must do”.
The road itself is kept open year-round, but during the winter months it is extremely snowy and none of the tourist attractions along its length will be open or able to be visited. The gas-station, store and tourist centre will all be closed for the winter, so there is nowhere to get food or petrol on the Parkway at that time. In fact, the road is often closed due to weather during the winter. Check with park officials for the road conditions before you choose to travel it and be well prepared for winter conditions on the trip.


Part 2:
Banff National Park

Video by: vridetv

Icefields Parkway (Wikivoyage)
Alberta Highway 93 (Wikipedia)
Banff National Park (Wikipedia)
Jasper National Park (Wikipedia)

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