Moscow Tram Ride

Adventure #128:
A nice tram ride through part of Moscow on a cold snowy winter day.
Route: A; Tram Model: Tatra T3SU
Duration: 1 hr. 05 min. 25 sec.

Video by: trolleway

More info:
Moscow has an extensive tram system, which first opened in 1899. The newest line was built in 1984. Its daily usage by Muscovites is low, making up for approximately 5% of trips, because many vital connections in the network have been withdrawn. Trams still remain important in some districts as feeders to Metro stations.
The T3 is a famous type of tramcar produced by Tatra (engineering company from Czech Republic). During its period of production, between 1960 and 1999, 13,991 powered units and 122 unpowered trailers were sold worldwide, mostly in Central and Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union. Well maintained tramcars of this type are very reliable.


Trams in Moscow (Wikipedia)
Tatra T3 (Wikipedia)
A map of the Moscow tram routes
A schedule of the Moscow tram routes

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