Lotte World Tower Climbing

Adventure #158:
Another “break in and climbing” thrilling adventure in Seoul, South Korea!
Duration: 7 min. 00 sec.

Video by: on the roofs

More info:
Lotte World Tower is a 123-floor, 554.5-metre (1,819 ft) supertall skyscraper that finished external construction on March 17, 2016. The building’s final 123rd floor was topped out on December 22, 2015. It is currently the 5th tallest building in the world.
After 13 years of planning and site preparation, the tower gained final approval to start construction by the government in November 2010 and the first groundbreaking activities of piling and frame assembly were observed at the construction site in March 2011.
The conceptual design calls for a slender cone with convex, gently curved sides. An exterior of pale-coloured glass draws inspiration from Korean ceramics and features accents of metal filigree. Located near the Han River, the tower will contain retail outlets (floors 1-12), offices (14-38), residences (42-71), a luxury hotel (76-101), private office (105-114), and public access floors (117-123) with an observation deck.


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On April 3, South Korea’s highest skyscraper Lotte World Tower, which is located in the Chamsil district of Seoul, was fully opened. Height 555 m, 123 floors. A few days ago I visited the observation deck of this skyscraper Seoul Sky and here are some impressions about it. Can someone help in determining “it is worth going” – “not worth it”. If at once to the conclusion: yes, the viewing platform is worth a visit and even “highly recommend”, beautifully done.

It is best, of course, to go on a clear day and on weekdays, so that there will be less people, otherwise there may be queues. You can register in advance and go online. The cost of 27 thousand won – about 23 dollars (adult ticket).
At the entrance schedule, when they raise the group up. When there are too many people, they can limit the number of visitors, and therefore the queues increase. The truth is there is an opportunity to rise then, having bought a ticket for 50 thousand won.
In general, from my point of view, prices are quite normal for such an object. When I was in Dubai for a couple of days ago, I wanted to climb Burj Al Khalifa a couple of days ago, but it turned out that it was necessary to register there in advance, and the price tag right now was in the area of ??several hundred dollars, and therefore not went. Here it is cheaper. It seems that the owner of Lotte Xin Don Bin personally instructed that they did not take a particularly high price.
It is interesting to start right after buying tickets. There it will be necessary to walk along a pair of corridors, before reaching the main elevator leading upwards.
From the very beginning there is such a column, where all the space on it is made in the form of a screen that constantly changes its bizarre drawings.
Then here’s a corridor with other light shows on the ceiling and walls … Sometimes they show different images of Korea, the kind of skyscraper and stuff. It’s kind of a Media Wall called
Those who wish can be photographed here (for a small fee), behind them will be an image of a skyscraper in all its glory, so that immediately there will be a photo for memory. In general, the opportunity to make a photo here is put on stream and well organized, but about it a little later.
I also liked this corridor, which is already directly in front of the elevators. On the ceiling, this is such a digital beauty – these are huge LCD screens, where such patterns constantly change. Really very beautiful.
And here is the lift – Sky shuttle. He is listed in the Guinness Book of Records, as many as two times. It seems to be the longest and because “two-decked”
Further we go in the elevator. It takes one minute to get there, but it will not be boring. As soon as they come in, immediately the walls and ceiling turn into one big LCD screen where they begin to show a very beautiful movie with views of the skyscraper, the vicinity of Seoul, and also tell the story of the construction.
As a result, we climbed to the 117th floor, to a height of 478 meters. There are only three huge floors, along which people walk, looking around. As a result, the 123rd floor will be at an altitude of 485 m.
At each its own: one just pass along the perimeter, looking at the surrounding area, on the next to this is added a viewing platform with a glass floor. There are two of them – from opposite sides of the same floor. In one there is a “cool” function: you can make the floor black, and then make it transparent at once – and almost half a kilometer of height opens immediately under your feet ….
Immediately services for photography offer: you fotkayut, show photos, you choose, which you liked, but because on the next floor you already pay for the photos that you give in print. They also give a link where you can download a photo file – it is convenient and good memory for walking to the viewing platform.
On one of the floors there is also an exit to the street, also adds freshness and impressions.
On the last 123rd floor there is a small cafe and again the opportunity to glance a little on top of Seoul through a glass wall.
There is also a store of various souvenirs dedicated to this tower. However, a larger store is on the way out too. By him you will not pass.
When you go down the elevator, again the walls of the elevator turn into screens and they are shown a roller with views of the surrounding area, the stages of the tower construction and other things.
To summarize, I would recommend that everyone visit this site. In general, the skyscraper itself and Lotte World Tower became what Seoul missed – the skyscraper-cover, the main building. In itself, the viewing platform was pleasant, there not only the top view is given, but also much more, where the image of Korea as a high-tech country is immediately reflected.
In the complex is also a bunch of shops, including a book, a variety of restaurants, cinemas, the oceanarium and again a viewing platform. There it is really very easy to spend the whole day and will not regret it. I will not say that it is especially cheap there, but as if (IMHO) the price level corresponds to the quality.
When visitors come to me, I ask them: “What do you want to see, which Korea: history, culture, modern technology?” If the answer is about modernity, I advise you to lead in Lotte World Tower – the wealth of shops, chic interiors and a lot of entertainment using the latest technologies.
Yes, I know what scandals accompanied and sometimes escort this building, that it was built for 20 years, because of it the runway of the military airfield had to be altered, but it turned out – well ….
At last: the observation platform Lotte World Tower – the third highest in the world, and with glass floor – the highest in the world (height – 478 m). All in the tower 123 floors, the total height of 555 m. This complex has its own “Guinness World Records” – the world’s largest screen in the cinema, the fastest lift of a skyscraper (just the one on which they bring to the observation platform) and so on.

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