Journey Through Seasons (Norway Railroad)

In short:
Four seasons compressed into one-minute journey. Ride on “Nordland Line”, from Trondheim across the artic circle, to Bodø. Wow! True magic!
Duration: 1 min. 02 sec.

Video by: NRKbeta

More info:
The Nordland Line is a railway line between Trondheim and Bodø in Norway. Running for approximately 729 km, it is the Norwegian railway system’s longest line, and the only one in Norway to cross the Arctic Circle.
Unlike most of the Norwegian rail network, the Nordland Line is not electrified. Passenger traffic is fairly heavy in both end parts of the line.
During World War II, the Nordland Line was among the lines targeted by saboteurs, and the Jørstad River bridge sabotage in 1945 resulted in the deaths of 70–80 German troops.


Nordland Line (Wikipedia)
Trondheim (Wikipedia)
Bodø (Wikipedia)

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