Hybrid Tramway Ride (Italy)

In short:
Trieste to Opicina electric-funicular hybrid retro tramway cab view, uncut cab ride.
Duration: 25 min. 34 sec.

Video by: alter vati

More info:
The Trieste–Opicina tramway is an unusual hybrid tramway and funicular railway in the city of Trieste, Italy. It links Piazza Oberdan, on the northern edge of the city centre, with the village of Villa Opicina in the hills above. The tramway was closed for renovation in September 2012. The tram is currently in operation as of July 2014.
For most of the journey, the line operates as a conventional, electrically powered tramway, with a mixture of street running and reserved track. On the steepest section of the line, between Piazza Scorcola and Vetta Scorcola, the trams are pushed uphill and braked downhill by a pair of cable tractors that operate on funicular principles.
Services are operated every 20 minutes from early morning (07:00) to early evening (20:00).


Trieste–Opicina tramway (Wikipedia)
Trieste (Wikipedia)
Villa Opicina (Wikipedia)
Page on the Trieste-Opicina Tramway from the official web site of Trieste Trasporti (in English)

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