Hong Kong Tram

In short:
Try a night ride on a faboulous double-decker tram. This time armchair traveller visits Hong Kong.
Duration: 1 hr. 32 min. 18 sec.

Video by: hongkongmap

More info:
Hong Kong Tramways is a tram system in Hong Kong and one of the earliest forms of public transport in the metropolis.
Trams in Hong Kong have not only been a form of commuter transport for over 110 years, but also a major tourist attraction and one of the most environmentally friendly ways of travelling in Hong Kong. The tram system is the only one in the world operated exclusively with double-decker trams, and is one of only three non-heritage tram systems in the world that use double-deck cars.
The tram is the cheapest mode of public transport on the island.


Hong Kong Tramways (Wikipedia)
Hong Kong Tramways – Interactive Map
Hong Kong

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