Hogwarts Express (Orlando)

Adventure #160:
Today we are visiting The Wizarding World of Harry Potter!
Route: Diagon Alley -> Hogsmeade
Duration: 10 min. 34 sec.

Video by: Theme Park Worldwide

More info:
Take a ride on the Hogwarts Express at Universal Orlando Resort, pass through Platform 9 ¾ and board the Hogwarts Express from King’s Cross Station in London, located inside Universal Studios, and travel to Hogsmeade Station, located inside the Islands of Adventure theme park. You will travel on the iconic steam engine through the urban outskirts of London to the charming village of Hogsmeade.


The return journey from Hogsmeade to Diagon Alley
The Wizarding World of Harry Potter
The Wizarding World of Harry Potter (Wikipedia)
Universal Orlando (Wikipedia)
Universal Orlando (Wikivoyage)

Far beyond England there is an amusement park, created based on the books of J.K. Rowling and influenced by Harry Potter films.
Today we go to the US because in Florida, in Orlando, in Universal’s Island of Adventure – one of the two parks of the famous Universal Orlando Resort, in 2010, a new theme park, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.
This is a huge amusement park, created on the territory of eight hectares, where all the attractions and the environment are subordinate to one theme – to recreate the atmosphere of your favorite books and films about Harry Potter.

This was done to the full. The help of designers and artists who participated in the filming of Harry Potter films, and the advice of the author of the books, JK Rowling, helped the creators of this project to make the amusement park as close as possible to the events taking place in books and films.
It is amazing the accuracy of reproduction of various trifles and details, from the Hogwarts Castle, the interior of its offices and halls, to the goods exhibited in shop windows and shops in Hogsmeade.
Accuracy is observed even in the old recipes of pumpkin juice and cream beer, which are sold in the “Boar’s head” and “Three Broom” in the “Magic World of Harry Potter.”
Once inside the huge park in Florida, we again find ourselves in a world of not quite the usual school where the famous wizard boy studied.
Lost is unknown where in the unreal world the School of Magic and Magic “Hogwarts” reappears in our world, and we, having got to this place, willingly agree that everything that happened and happens, has a place to be in our life.
Our journey to the “Magic World of Harry Potter” in the Island of Adventure park begins with the village of Hogsmeade (the only village of wizards where ordinary people do not live).
Through the arched gate we get to the railway station Hogsmeade, which is located on the very outskirts of the village, puffing at the station Hogwarts Express and further to the streets of the village with houses with snow-covered roofs and black smoke from the soot.
Hogsmeade is not a simple place at all. Here in the world of Harry Potter, the senior students from Hogwarts school rested and entertained themselves.
There is an owl post in the village. In the world of Harry – this is the place of rest owls after the delivery of letters. In reality, this is a place in the park where visitors can relax. And at the same time, from here you can send a letter with the coat of arms of the village of Hogsmeade instead of the postmark.
There are a lot of different shops with magical jokes, quaint shops, restaurants. But we’ll talk about this a little later.
And now we will continue our journey on the paved bridges to the main object of our route – the ancient castle of Hogwarts, which is also a school of magic and magic and in which we are awaited by amazing adventures on unique attractions.
On the territory of the castle Hogwarts there are the main exciting events that draw visitors to the world, very accurately recreated from books and films.
Here, following the route developed by the creators of this amazing amusement park, we find ourselves in the most intimate places of the magic school, take part in fascinating events accompanied by the characters of the films.
Before going on an amazing flight over Hogwarts, we still have a lot of events and adventures on the way to the “Reward room”.
When creating the main attraction “Harry Potter and Forbidden Journey” were used robotic manipulators, animation, real scenery, music, sound and light special effects and, probably, a bit of magic.
With their help, specially created scenes are created, and with the help of the screen of the circular review an incredibly realistic video is shown that creates the illusion of flying visitors in controlled vehicles together with Harry and his friends Hermione and Ron.
The main attraction of the park “Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey” is inside the castle. And, to get on the attraction, you need to go through the doors of Hogwarts and go down into the dungeon, where passengers of this unusual journey encounter many books and movies that are familiar from books and films with unusual objects, characters, interiors.
I think you understand why this attraction was given such a strange name “forbidden journey”. Previously, in times of magicians, the School of Magic and Magic was in every possible way hiding from ordinary people and they could not be in this place under any circumstances.
And here, please, everyone is invited to visit the amazing and mysterious places of the castle.
The first on the way to the guests of the castle there are greenhouses filled with mandrakes.
Further through the corridor, everyone enters the gallery with real “talking” portraits of Hogwarts teachers, whose characters, not in the least embarrassed by the presence of wizards, are talking animatedly and moving from picture to picture.
In front of Dumbledore’s office, we encounter the majestic Griffin statue, which has been recreated to the smallest detail in the Harry Potter films.
And here we are in the office of Dumbledore, in which the director of Hogwarts welcomes the Muggles (that is, us) who first visited this castle. Of course, Dumbledore himself is not in the room, and he greets visitors from the screen. But the impression is illusory that he is among the guests of the castle.
The director’s office is a very exact copy of the office that we saw in one of the films.
Next, on the way – the class of “Protection from the Dark Arts”, in which Harry with Ron and Hermione (the actors will also appear only on the screen) will offer guests an unusual adventure in the world of wizards.
Surprisingly realistic holograms of wizards, saying a distributing hat, create a sense of the existence of this amazing delightful world in reality.
And the most impressive is the road of horrors with an unforgettable encounter with Gremucha Iva, a clash with the Dementors, dragons, giant spiders, participation in the Quidditch match and a terrific flight with the young wizards over Hogwarts.
For visitors of this attraction there are some restrictions: the growth can not be less than 120 cm.
Before the entrance to the attraction there are special testing devices that help to choose a comfortable seat taking into account the large growth (weight) because of the features of attaching the passenger to the seat.
The excursion and flight are calculated for about an hour. But let’s not forget that there are several interesting attractions on the castle territory and many more exciting hikes in the shops and shops of Hogsmeade.
As we remember from books and films, Hippogriff is a magical creature, of a very unusual kind: a semicircle, a half-griffon.
And the attraction itself is something like a roller coaster, but in a more sparing version. It is preferred by family tourists with children. Its height is 13 meters, the speed is 45.9 kilometers per hour. The restriction on growth is 91 cm.
On the way to the hills “Flight on the Hippogriff” you can pass by Hagrid’s hut. Log into the hut is impossible, since this structure only just reproduces the appearance of the forester’s house.
But you can get instructions and instructions from Hagrid, how to approach, “tame” and ride the Hippogriff.
Created based on the “Tournament of Three Wizards” from the movie “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.”
This is a high-speed double roller coaster in the form of interwoven inverted slides with several trains symbolizing the battle of Harry Potter with the dragon Hungarian Horsetail and Victor Kram with the dragon Chinese Fireball in the first Test in the Tournament. Three Wizards.
Chinese Fireball develops speed – 96.6 kilometers per hour, and Hungarian Horsetail – 88.5 kilometers per hour. The height is 38.1 meters. Total ride time on the attraction is approximately 2 minutes and 25 seconds.
Restrictions on growth – 137 cm.
Not far from the attraction are the Three Wizards Cup and the Goblet of Fire, Hagrid’s hut and the Weasley flying car.
The main attractions of the park are complemented by thematic restaurants, shops, benches, which are also created under the impression of books and films read and with the observance of the smallest details.
And here we are again in the village of Hogsmeade, who came to the “Magic World of Harry Potter” park from the pages of books and from the screen of films with numerous shops, restaurants and cafes, which we simply do not have the right to visit.
The most famous confectioner’s shop is a variety of sweets in the world of wizards.
Here you can buy sweets for a wide variety of tastes: chocolate frogs, exploding candies, licorice sticks, brewed pots, chewing gum Drubbles, colorful Bertie Botts, sugar pens, blood candies, creamy sweets – and surprise yourself and your loved ones with these extraordinary sweets.
Shop of comic products and magic jokes. This shop was very popular with Hogwarts students, and today it is one of the favorite places for tourists.
For memory and as a souvenir from here you can take away as absolutely unusual toys, such as screaming toys, retractable ears, pumpkin pastilles, flying crackers, a boxing telescope (copies of pests), and quite ordinary souvenir mugs, t-shirts.
Be sure to go to this store. Here are sold all sorts of magic trinkets, details used in movies, toys and souvenirs. For example, sets for playing Quidditch, a form for participants of the Tournament of Three Wizards, reminders, spectral glasses, “Monstrous book about monsters”, hoodies, scarves, hats, bags on a belt.
Events take place in the shop of Mr. Ollivander, or rather, in his absolute copy. Everyone here, like Harry Potter, can pass the test and find out which wand is right for you, and get it in this shop.
Try happiness, and the magic wand will choose you herself (well, only an actor and special effects will help her a little).
After a walk in the park, you can have a snack in one of the many restaurants. But, if you want to continue your journey to places connected with Harry Potter, then it is better to do it in the restaurant “Three Brooms”. It attracts visitors not only the original interior, but also the opportunity to try creamy beer or a very tasty branded pumpkin juice, which was so loved by heroes of films and books about Harry Potter.
Here you can order national British dishes, various delicacies, for example, baked turkey, Cornish pies, fresh fruits and vegetables. We also took care of children: in a special menu, a sweet table with strawberry and apple pies, chocolate truffles, ice cream.

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