Cruising to Hubbard Glacier, Alaska

In short:
Sail through Yakutat Bay and onward into Disenchantment Bay and right up to Hubbard Glacier. At about the 5:13 mark you can see some glacier pieces calving off into the water.

Video by: Patrick Satterfield

More info:
Hubbard Glacier is a glacier located in eastern Alaska and part of Yukon, Canada, and named after Gardiner Hubbard (U.S. lawyer, financier, and philanthropist).
It takes about 400 years for ice to traverse the length of the glacier, meaning that the ice at the foot of the glacier is about 400 years old. The glacier routinely calves off icebergs the size of a ten-story building. Where the glacier meets the bay, most of the ice is below the waterline, and newly calved icebergs can shoot up quite dramatically, so that ships must keep their distance from the edge of the glacier in Disenchantment Bay.

Source: Wikipedia

Hubbard Glacier (Wikipedia)
Google Maps: Interactive satellite view of where Hubbard Glacier meets the sea

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