Canadian Railway

In short:
Almost 4 hours of wonderful views of wild Canada!
Duration: 3 hrs 46 min. 03 sec.

Video by: KootenayDivision

More info:
Trail is a city in the West Kootenay region of the Interior of British Columbia, Canada. It was named after the Dewdney Trail, which passed through the area.
Nelson is a city located in the Selkirk Mountains on the extreme West Arm of Kootenay Lake in the Southern Interior of British Columbia, Canada. Known as “The Queen City”, and acknowledged for its impressive collection of restored heritage buildings from its glory days in a regional silver rush, Nelson is one of the three cities forming the commercial and population core of the West Kootenay region, the others being Castlegar and Trail.


Trail, British Columbia (Wikipedia)
Nelson, British Columbia (Wikipedia)
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