Boating in Amsterdam

Adventure #156:
Canal cruise. A great way to relax and enjoy Amsterdam.
Duration: 1 hr. 23 min. 50 sec.

Video by: keezi walks

More info:
A canal cruise usually lasts from one to two hours. Commentary on the surroundings is given during the route. Departures from Prins Hendrikkade opposite Centraal Station, quayside Damrak, Rokin near Spui and Stadhouderskade 25 near Leidseplein. If it’s a warm day, avoid the enclosed boats with glass ceilings—they get hot. You can also cruise the canals yourself with a pedal boat or rented boat.
The locals spend their summer days in Amsterdam uncorking bottles of red wine in the Vondelpark—and so should you. Every district in Amsterdam has at least one park, but the Vondelpark stands out for its size and convivial atmosphere. The neighbourhood best known for its trees and gardens is the Plantage. Besides leafy boulevards and grand mansions it also features the botanical gardens of the Hortus Botanicus and has Artis Zoo for the kids.


Amsterdam Canal Tour Operator’s:
Amsterdam Boats B.V.
Amsterdam Jewel Cruises
Canal Company
Lovers Company

Amsterdam attracted us for a long time, the streets of Amsterdam, for what it is worth to come here. They fascinate and fascinate with their romanticism.
Tickets took on service air flights for three months for some crazy action for 111 euros for a flight back and forth. The standard price for this direction is 190 euros.
The price probably also bribed us, as with the wife we ??not the richest travelers though we travel a lot, but always we try to choose cheap countries and directions. But this year has become a big test for our wallet.

In September, we visited not the most budgetary Norway and climbed the famous Troll Language , in October we were not waiting for the cheapest Amsterdam . And probably, if not for a cheap flight to Amsterdam, we would have postponed this trip for the next year.
And here we are in Amsterdam, in this report I will write about the streets and canals of Amsterdam, as all the romanticism and all the charm of the city lies precisely in them.

Dam Square – the central square of Amsterdam, here around the clock a crowd of people, noise, din, fun and of course the smell of marijuana. On Dam Square is the royal palace and the Madame Tussauds.
Amsterdam streets

Any tourist arrives in Amsterdam to the central station. So, Damrak Street connects the central station and Dam Square. The name of the street is translated “road to Dam”. On this street there are many souvenir shops and restaurants (however, as in any street in Amsterdam). If the magnets are everywhere the same, then eat a little expensive, I recommend choosing catering establishments in 100-200 meters from the central streets. There, and cheaper and more delicious.

The classical Amsterdam square, quite secluded and quiet, is located in the heart of the city. On Fridays and Sundays, there is a flea market where you can buy books (books, paintings, ceramics and many other interesting things).
Quarter De Looier in Amsterdam
A small block with a marvelous architecture, which is surrounded on both sides by canals. You can quietly walk quietly without fuss and haste. In this quarter there are no streets with restaurants, shops with magnets, the quarter is completely covered with antique shops. If you love or collect any antiques – you are sure to be here. Here you will find exactly what you like.
The Red Light District or Amsterdam’s Red Light Street (De Wallen)
Previously, it was only the street where “night butterflies” worked and their main clientele were sailors who had returned from the voyage. The street has been growing all the time and now it’s already a whole block and the main attraction is not only Amsterdam, but probably all over Holland.
Prostitution in Holland is absolutely legal. The “night butterflies” have their own trade union, they pay taxes, they have the legal leave due to them according to the law and, of course, the work book. Girls work not in the street, but inside buildings in warmth and comfort. Everyone has their own work place in the illuminated display case.

Photographing on the street red lanterns is strictly prohibited, this explains the extremely small number of photos on the Internet, and those that are of very questionable quality. If you are noticed photographing girls, at best they can break your camera, so I advise you just to be careful.

The quarter starts five minutes walk from the central station (Amsterdam central).
Just walk through the streets and always through narrow alleys and you will not pass by. Statistics says (and this, we do not forget, the trade union, and they have official statistics) that today in the red light district there are already 290-300 illuminated booths.

Nieuwendijk Street in Amsterdam
This is Amsterdam’s central shopping street. It is pedestrian and there are hundreds of shops of both local and world famous brands. This is a paradise for a shopaholic. The street goes from the central station parallel to Damrak street, and also rests on Dam Square.
Kalverstraat Street in Amsterdam
This is the continuation of the street Nieuwendijk, only it begins on the other side of Dam Square. All shopaholics continue their shopping tour on this street. For lovers of the cultural part of the program. On Calverstraat street is the church of Peter and Paul, as well as the Amsterdam Museum.
Singel Street in Amsterdam
The street is famous for the fact that it has the only floating flower market in the world. One of the main attractions of Amsterdam. In the market, a paradise for amateur gardeners, even I brought my mother tulip bulbs. The fact that this market is floating I learned from the Internet ?? on the spot immediately and you will not say about it. But Singel Street is obligatory to visit, and no matter the gardener you are or just looking for somewhere to drink a glass.
Amsterdam streetsAmsterdam streets

Leidsestraat Street in Amsterdam
Amazing in its beauty is the pedestrian street of Amsterdam. She crosses the three brightest and most charming (in the opinion of our friend who lives there) the canal of Amsterdam. You just need to walk along this street, there are a lot of cafes on the banks of the canals, where you can have coffee or something stronger.

Pieter Cornelisz Hooftstraat in Amsterdam
The usual street of the usual Amsterdam, nothing special stands out except as: it houses the shops of all the most elite fashion houses. If you want to buy Prada shoes for 2000 Euro or bag Lois Vuitton for 3000 Euro, you are sure to be here. Walking along this street, our ladies got courage and decided to go to one of the shops. All emotions can be transmitted in one photo.

And in conclusion: Amsterdam is a small and compact city. The center of Amsterdam can be completely bypassed for 1 day by a leisurely pace. You do not need public transport, taxis, etc. All sights are in the center in walking distance from each other.

Just walk around Amsterdam, enjoy its charm, its smells (yes everywhere smells of marijuana), look into each lane – and this city will be remembered for the rest of your life. And you will be willing to return here again and again.

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