Athens Tram Cab Ride

Adventure #159:
Today we are riding through the capital of Greece.
Route: Peace and Friendship Stadium -> Zefyros
Duration: 21 min. 28 sec.

Video by: Ion Efthimiou Productions

More info:
In Athens ticket counters operate in some of the stations. Automatic ticket machines with touch screens are also available at all stations.
Purchased tickets are valid for 90 minutes (1 hour 30 minutes) after validation and can be used for several rides on most other means of public transport in Athens including the metro, buses, trolleybuses, and the urban part of the suburban railway (between Piraeus, Magoula and Koropi stations, excluding the airport). Passengers must validate their tickets at the machines at the station where they board at the start of their ride. The normal adult flat fare is 1.40 Euros.
There are daily and weekly tickets, as well as monthly cards which also apply for all means of public transport in Athens. Fares are checked frequently; passengers who fail to show a validated ticket or a monthly card are penalized by a fine of 60 times the price of a standard ticket.
Children under 6, the handicapped, and persons currently enlisted in the military are eligible for free transportation.


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