Do you want to make a journey? But got no time / money?
Become a virtual tourist. Callofroad.com can help you.

On our website you can find a plenty of travel videos from all over the world.
We collect only first-person-view videos to provide full immersion effect.
And we choose only very interesting and high quality videos.

You can choose travel destination (Australia, India, Paris, Arizona desert…) and medium of transport (car, train, plane, ship, bike, hang glider, you own legs etc.).
We provide you with some maps and additional information to make your trip not only breathtaking but also informative.
Combine the useful with the pleasant – it’s our motto.

If it’s too long to wait for your vacation / or you’re short of money / or you just want to do some researches before booking your tickets… – our regularly updated collection is at your service.
We also have some extreme travel videos (the ones like hang-gliding or sckyscraper climbing). Take care of yourself and try it better online. )

Use all advantages of armchair travelling:
1. it’s free
2. it’s safe
3. no organisation efforts required
4. you can do it anytime you want

Have great travel video that you want to share?
Send us the link to: income@callofroad.com

And one more thing. Don’t just sit in your armchair. Virtual travelling is a good thing. It can give spirit of travel but it cannot replace real life adventures. So… travel.
Then shoot you trip and share it on Callofroad.com.

We don’t upload any video on our site. It contains only links to YouTube, Vimeo etc. video services. And all videos belong to their respective owners.